The Brother In Elysium is a publishing imprint run by the artist Jon Beacham. The press issues books using the forms of letterpress printing, offset lithography, and hand bookbinding; and artist editions which include original artwork. The Brother In Elysium is a context for publishing books by artists and writers with a focus on collaboration, often arising from deep friendships which manifest in creating work together. The books containing individual bodies of artwork are a preferred mode of communicating material directly to the viewer in an intimate way outside of the mediated gallery structure. The Brother In Elysium deeply believes in the book as a venue for communication and possibility.

The Brother In Elysium also runs a 16mm film series, screening prints in non-theatre venues. Established in 2009, the press has operated from multiple locations in New York State. It currently resides in Kingston, NY.

Libraries and institutions which collect artwork and publications by the press include:

MoMA Library
Yale University – Beinecke Library
Emory University
Stanford University
University at Buffalo
New York Public Library – Berg Collection
UC Berkeley – Bancroft Library
University of Arizona Poetry Center
Kent State University
University of Delaware
RIT – Cary Collection
Simon Fraser University