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Film Program no. 19 - Films by Jonas Mekas


Saturday, February 9th, we celebrate the life and work of Jonas Mekas. The films Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Reel 3 of Walden will be screened from 16mm prints. Screening starts at 7pm. Program running time: 70 minutes. $10 cover at the door. Notes on the films below.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn - A pocket-sized city symphony, WILLIAMSBURG collects some of the first images Jonas Mekas shot with a film camera in 1950 (along with footage from 1972 when he was returning to his old neighborhood as a visitor). Bygone Brooklyn is richly evoked in the everyday life of the street: the elevated train, Lithuanian storefronts and especially in the faces of children surprised to encounter this man with a movie camera. - Max Goldberg

Walden, Reel 3 - Filmed in 1964-68. Edited in 1968-69. In Walden, he asserts that the images shown are “for myself and for a few others,” suggesting an intimate circle of friends. This was in fact true, as Walden’s first screening was an informal “first draft” version at the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo. By showing details of his family life, and of outings and time spent with friends, Mekas extends an invitation to his viewer to partake in their beauty. ”[These images] are not much different from what you have seen or experienced,” he says in As I Was Moving Ahead. “There is no big difference, no essential difference between you and me.” Reel 3: Barabara Rubin shoots a movie; Christmas Eve; A visit to Brakhages (Colorado); A Visit to Hans Richter; In Central Park; Peter’s Wedding.

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HYMNS AND ODES: A Concert by Jerome Ellis

The Brother In Elysium Books presents an evening and concert performance with the composer and improviser Jerome Ellis. Please join us for an intimate set of hymns and odes he’s written and inherited over the years. These are songs of praise—in praise of poetry, in praise of blackness, in praise of the earth, in praise of liberation and peace.

The performance will begin at 7pm. Admission to the concert is $10 (cash only at the door please) and includes a letterpress printed broadside of the program notes written by Jerome for this performance. The printed piece measures 13 x 19", and is printed from hand set type. Program notes can be read here.

A portion of the evening’s proceeds will be donated to UNICEF.

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